Our Services

We create consumer-centric designs and services in environments that fully integrate social, digital and physical networks into holistic systems for our clients.

Zuan Design Labs LLP

Innovation by Design

Mining and tapping onto the unmet consumer needs at the sweet spot of intersection between desirability, feasibility and viability.

Zuan Design Labs LLP

Product Strategy

The question we ask is how should the untapped opportunity be experienced by the consumer and how best can we impact their behaviour.

Zuan Design Labs LLP

Product & Service Design

At the intersection of design, technology and strategy, we create products and services that people love.

Zuan Design Labs LLP

Consumer Experience

Experiences that differentiate and grow businesses by building strong consumer engagement and relationships by tapping into neuro-science of design.

Allogamous approach

We love to experiment and cross-pollinate our learnings from various verticals to create unique solutions. Hence we keep deep diving into unknown waters every time.
We are comfortable getting uncomfortable.



We design for patients in pursuit of better health to professionals addressing the challenges of tomorrow

Zuan Design Labs LLP


Customers do not see mobile, desktop and physical channels—they simply see a retailer.

Zuan Design Labs LLP


Artificial intelligence powered agriculture aid to ensure best return on investment and growth.

Zuan Design Labs LLP


Making our world a better place by finding solutions that work at the grassroots.

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