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2019 had been a wonderful year.
JAYA was amongst the Top 10 social impact startups in India.

New Vision

Ensure every child gets an equal opportunity to survive. 


Using the latest technologies and neuroscience of design to create a digital platform to empower women with limited resources in rural India.

Zuan Design Labs LLP

Saving 15,000,000 children

every year in India alone.

through an android app that empowers primary women health activists to identify who is where and needs what and contribute towards building comprehensive denominator data and India’s first national primary health database.

Key Milestones

Zuan Design Labs LLP

Socio Connect

2019 I India
JAYA was amongst one of the Top 10 social impact startups in India.

Zuan Design Labs LLP

OpenIDEO Challenge

2019 I Global
Top 10 ideas for "Empowering Caregivers in Immunization Innovation Challenge"

Zuan Design Labs LLP

TEDx IIT Kharagpur

2017 I India
Social Entrepreneurship.
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More than 870,089 ASHA workers will be empowered through JAYA to ensure every beneficiary gets immunized and lives beyond the age of five.

Current Scenario

19,400,000 children under the age of one year did not receive basic vaccines.


Vaccines currently prevent more than 2,000,000 deaths every year.

Data Insights

Tailored vaccination strategies and operational plans to address gaps


Consumer centric functionalities for better adoption rate and to generate market pull.


Build National Immunization Health Database

Location-specific qualitative and quantitative data creating denominator data in real-time.


Increase Immunization Coverage

Technology enabled daily planning and aid to convince beneficiaries to avail immunization.


Record beneficiary migration pattern

Helping in micro-planning to ensure adequate resources for the migratory population.


Designed for functional literacy

Considering the low literacy level of ASHAs, the application is designed to suit their cognitive psychology.


Use of cutting edge technology and neuroscience of psychology to design for women who are using a mobile device for the first time and yet doing accurate data entry.


GIS (Geographic Information System) Technology

For denominator and real-time coverage mapping for best micro-planning.


Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

Automated daily task list and scheduling, relevant visual tools for effective persuasion.


Intuitive User Experience

Functional literacy optimised user experience and interface for enhanced accuracy in collecting data.

Make it real

It is great to imagine and exemplerary to make those ideas real. We aim high and ensure that our technical expertise helps us to bring these concepts to the real world with simplicity.

Host Anywhere

We use frugal ways to test concepts through models and take feedback from the stakeholders to refine the design.



Prototypes help us refine our product and services as close as possible to the final product experience to address concerns related to usability, data analysis, cognitive behaviour, etc.

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