Hydroponics' ecosystem

A set of kit of parts that facilitate an artificial
intelligence empowered system for hydroponics

New Vision

To ensure food security through alternative high-yield farming techniques for the increasing population in a resource scarce environment.


Create a closed-loop ecosystem for hydroponics and maximise harvest through smart resource planning and eco-friendly practices.

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Alternative smart agriculture techniques
According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, due to the increasing population, food production is expected to rise by 70% before 2050. On the other hand, natural prerequisites of agriculture have been depleting.

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Disasters due to extreme temperatures, storms and diseases & infestations accounted for a loss of $36,000,000,000 globaly. This loss can be prevented with the use of Hydroponics system of agriculture.

Hydroponics industry valued at $ 8,100,000,000 in 2019.
10 times higher yield
Data driven crop management
High nutrition per acre

Kit of products and services

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Set of Grow Buckets

A set 'substrate' and 'drainage' buckets that connect with the fluid circulatory system for irrigation and drainage, ensuring zero wastage of fluid/water.

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MizuHa mobile App

An artificial intelligence powered platform to choose the right crop to plant and ensure optimum levels of nutrition, temperature and humidity for best harvest. A chatbot to address queries of growers and buyers.

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Raspberry Pi controlled valves

Smartly dispensed optimum nutrition in up to 64 combinations, controlled by 8 valves unique for each plant species.

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Data Analytics

Realtime data on which plant species is grown where and needs what, when will it harvest and will need a buyer. This will help the platform facilitate requisite resources to its users.


Consumer centric functionalities for better adoption rate and to generate market pull.

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Intelligent crop monitoring

Artificial Intelligence powered crop monitoring


Cordon root-zone infestations

Disconnected root zone is separated by buckets to prevent pests spreading across the plantation. Infected plant is removed from the bed, saving rest of the harvest.


The Lego-way

Helps to scale up, repair and replace parts easily and ensure replicability.


Emerging Technology

Use of emerging technology with market-available components to for better support from the vendors.


Use of emerging technology through curated hardware components readily available in the market to ensure least capital investment for die and tooling.

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Smart closed-loop irrigation

Unique irrigation plan for every species based on location, humidity and growth stage.


Disconnected substrate buckets

Helps to stack all buckets into a temporary shelter without disturbing CEH set-up to protect the producce from unforeseen weather glitches.


'A kit of parts'

Entire system is designed to be like a 'kit of parts' like Lego. When all components connected together, they offer extensive crop management. At the same time, these components even function in isolation and perform their core functions accurately.

from Ideas to Execution

It is great to imagine and exemplerary to make those ideas real. We aim high and ensure that our technical expertise helps us to bring these concepts to the real world with simplicity.



Mined opportunities and insights translate into features, functions and form for all stakeholders.


Models & Prototypes

Quick modelling and prototyping to ensure optimum cost of production and export.



We take advantage of hyper-local manufacturing expertise to ensure optimised production cycles.  

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