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Surgical Kit

An Ophthalmic Enucleation Kit for safer and faster
extraction of corneas while preserving its usability
up to the nearest Eye-Bank.

New Vision

Nudge everyone to pledge their eyes and gift sight to people with vision.


To design special surgical kits for on-site operations considering the various scenarios that the surgeon that encounter and yet preserve the usability of the organ till the nearest cold chain point.

Zuan Design Labs LLP

A new way to leave a legacy behind! 
We are working on creating a one stop solution to pledge one’s eyes, notify location of donor (after death) and a repository of nearby eye banks to ensure fastest seamless collection of corneas. 


It is expected that the number of individuals with unilateral corneal blindness in India will increase to 10,600,000 by 2020.

Addressing the corneal deficit of the world: 12,700,000
Excess corneas will promote medical tourism
25% faster corneal extraction
Disaster control provision


Stakeholders centric functionalities for better adoption rate and designed to manufacture for better feasibility and scalability.

Zuan Design Labs LLP


No dependency on mode of transport

Handsfree carriage of the kit enabling servicing remote locations even on a bicycle especially in remote hilly areas.


Clean access to disaster control measures

Access to additional instruments without compromising protocol and hygiene.


Prevent lapses due to inattention

Designed to prevent situations of missing instruments due to inattentiveness of the lab assistant who assembles the kit before each use.


Optimised to adhere to protocols

Packaging of supplies and instruments to preserve usability of corneas as per the EBAA standards.


Use of emerging technology through curated hardware components readily available in the market to ensure least capital investment for die and tooling.

Zuan Design Labs LLP


Multi-directional access

Progressively increasing angle of instruments ensuring safe access to vital instruments from 270 degrees.


Visual recall 

Instant visual cue in case of a missing instrument, ensuring that every instrument is in the panel. 


Inclusion of cross-disciplinary products

Dental rolls included in the kit for better blood absorption with limited quantity.

From  and  To

Below is a visual comparision of the existing Enucleation kit in use and the proposed Enucleation kit.

Existing Enucleation Kit

33 instruments into 1 instrument box with unidirectional access. 

Zuan Design Labs LLP

New Enucleation Kit

8 vital instruments in 1 instrument box with 270 degrees access. 

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