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Charting out the most effective ways for a high street fashion e-commerce brand to meaningfully engage with its customers.

Bold Vision

Accelerate return on investment on CX: Consumer Experience


Use of ‘Web of Things’ (focus: network of connected personal devices) and its offerings to enhance the shopping CX for the consumer. 

Zuan Design Labs LLP

Mining opportunities from insights.

We went to the consumers to know what they desire and bridged that gap with technological interventions.

Consumer Journeys

We look at brands through the lens of consumer journeys to promote relevant engagement, retention, repeat transactions and delight to view the value proposition beyond the product or the service being offered. 

CX through our lens

We combine design thinking, agile development and lean start-up methods, to enable organizations of all kinds to accelerate their return on investment on CX
Here's how we do it:

Zuan Design Labs LLP



and understand consumer behaviour patterns.


Understand and map

Plot the consumer experience map and mine out opportunities from stakeholder insights.


Stakeholder validation

Opportunities are translated into product or service features and functions and validated by stakeholders.


Refine, Deploy and Engage

Stakeholder feedbacks refine the product/service. We then make it launch/engagement ready. 

'Creativity' is a structured process.

We marry your data with our research and co-create a plan to achieve the target product/service desirability.


Touch Point Matrix

Critical interactions within the consumer journey that help define key moments in the process.

Zuan Design Labs LLP

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