A bio-fuel powered cook stove that generates
electricity while you cook.
Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL)


Empower the users from bottom of the puramid to fulfill their own needs from their limited resources and not rely on others to solve their problems.


Use of simple principles of physics and material science to create a desirable & viable product, addressing the unmet needs of consumers.

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Food to Fuel
Boil water to power a bulb

The incentive to create drinking water by boiling is that it shall power a bulb in the evening for the entire family to study, promote cottage industries and extend their day by a few hours.


As of 2017, over 1,000,000,000 people worldwide lack household electric power amounting to 14% of the global population.

40,000,000 households without electricity in rural India.
15,000,000 households are unable to pay electricity bills
Reduce isolation and marginalization through telephone lines and Television
118,000,000 units of grid and off-grid lighting solutions were imported in 2018 in India.


Consumer-centric functionalities for better adoption rate and to generate market pull.

Zuan Design Labs LLP


Using the Seebeck Effect

 Converting Heat into Electrical energy and stored in batteries for future consumption.


Healthier, soot-free combustion

Ethanol has better combustability to kerosene and also produces negligible soot.


Minimum transmission losses

In situ power production and storage.


Encourage boiled water for drinking

Boiling of water will help generate more heat and thereby generating more electricity.


Use of low cost hardware and readily available accessories to create a ecosystem that is self sustainable, scalable and desirable.


Use of Ethanol biofuel

Ethanol is a by-product is all sugar mills. It can easily be filled in containers and a pressurised manually.


All-in-one kit

Instruments for cleaning and repair are a part of the product design, just like a kit.


Designed to replace and repair

Considering the persona and working conditions of the product, it has been designed as modules enabling easy repair and replacement.

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