We'd wait till you become a Believer.

One needs to believe in the fact that 'design brings about change' to be receptive towards path-breaking innovations. Scroll down for some content that might help you change your mind.

Design's impact on society

Design touches every part of our daily lives, from the products to the spaces. With the ability to influence our values and expectations, designers have a responsibility to use their skills to improve lives, create opportunities, and to bring people together.

The future of Business is Design.

In all likelihood, tomorrow’s technology will be in market before the future value of today’s technology is exhausted. This raises some interesting questions: How should business and design handle this kind of change? What’s the correct approach for designing a product that has never existed? What criteria should be used to determine great design?

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The Future of Business is Design.

Design mediates utility, usability, desirability, and maintainability. All are important aspects of creating a satisfying product or service experience.

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Three Levels of Design

Don Norman proposes that the emotional system consists of three different, yet interconnected levels, each of which influences our experience of the world in a particular way. Design attends to each in different ways.

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Data Science + Design

Data Science tries to identify repetitive patterns from large masses of data and Design can be seen as a concrete plan that helps to reach the desired outcome, be a product, service, process or strategy. Good design is not based on guesswork.

We'd wait till you become a Believer.

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