Diarrhea Treatment Kit

Interagency pre-packed emergency kits for treatment
and management of diarrhea, cholera and dysentery.

New Vision

To create ecosystem-platforms and kits to optimise resources at primary healthcare centres in India.


Use of medical kits as first line of action for relevant diseases.


Globally, there are nearly 1,700,000,000 cases of childhood diarrhoeal disease every year.
By the time you complete reading this paragraph, 3 children would have already died due to diarrhoeal diseases.

801,000 children under the age of 5 die every year.
2,195 children die every day. 
$1 invested in diarrhea prevention yields an average return of $25.50.

Click here to read more on diarrhoeal diseases from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 

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Key Insights

In spite of the government giving free medication to manage diarrhoeal diseases, every 2 minutes 3 children die. Following are the roadblocks that are preventing adequate efficacy of the current programs.

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Non-standardised utensils

Every poor household has a different spoon and a glass hence the quantity of water, ORS, etc. differs leading to non-standardised results.


Less access to clean water

Solutes require clean drinking water for adequate Oral Rehydration Solution, which is difficult to access in below-poverty-line population.


Inadequate storage containers

Absence of secure storage containers for leftover ORS leads to contamination.


Inadequate visual communication

Lack of language independent relevant visual communication for best disease management.

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